NEW single "Epiphany" released

Our third and final single "Epiphany" taken from our upcoming debut album "Homecoming" is now available on all streaming services

A big thanks to our friends over at the Moshville Times for the video exclusive release

Please click on the link below to play the song and save it to your playlists  \m/



Get ready for your Epiphany

Our third and final single "Epiphany" taken from our upcoming debut album "Homecoming" will be available on all streaming services on 25th September 2020

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Ashen Reach - Epiphany - Final

🔥It Is Done !🔥

We have just finished recording our debut album (due to be released on the 16th of November this year!)

We had such an  amazing time in The Motor Museum Recording Studio  with our good friend and musical Wizard Mr Loïc Gaillard!🤘

Keep your eyes on our social pages for more updates along this amazing journey.

Enso Music Management
The London Drumstick Co.
Newtone Strings



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Our album will be released on the 16th of November this year!

We enter the studio officially on the 22nd of June, and will be working our butts off whilst maintaining social distancing and following all the special guidelines put in place by The Motor Museum Recording Studio .

We can't wait to get the ball rolling with Loïc Gaillard! 💜🤘

(Anybody who hasn't replied to the Kickstarter survey with their address, please log in and do so, so we have everyone's details ready to go)🤘🔥

Artwork: Joe Stanley Photography

Enso Music Management
The London Drumstick Co.
Newtone Strings





We hit our target on the 28th Feb


We said it yesterday, but we will say it again... THANK YOU! 🤘

This album wouldn't have happened as quick as we would have liked without all of your support. We wanted to get the album out this year and now, we most definitely can and soon too!

We are all so excited, and motivated in this band! It is a collaborative band, meaning we all have an equal say and can make sure each song is the best it can be! We have 2 and a half songs left to finish for the album, but everything just seems to fall into place so well, that they will be done in no time at all, with plenty of time for tweaks!

Thank you again for helping make this album. ❤️❤️

We will blow your socks off with it, we promise 😎

Thanks..Kyle, Paddy, Joe, Mike & Jess



If you have been keeping an eye our or social channels, you will be aware that we have had a Kickstarter campaign running to try help raise some of the funds required to record and produce our debut album "Homecoming".


Well we only have until Saturday 29th Feb at 8:40pm to raise a little bit more to "Reach" the target, otherwise we won't receive any of the wonderful pledges we have had so far, so we would appreciate any help.


Thanks..Kyle, Paddy, Joe, Mike & Jess



Please enjoy.......PREY



Coming Soon.......PREY



We recently commissioned the fantastic Birchamsart to create something that Us (and you the fans) will enjoy....

also keep an eye out as it will be appearing on some new merch early 2020.




We have been hard at work writing new material for our upcoming album due out 2020


so keep an eye out for the Homecoming 😉




Following hot on the heals of our new single "TEAR IT DOWN" being launched on ALL forms of streaming media.


Now enjoy the first video from the new and improved ASHEN REACH



Our new single "TEAR IT DOWN" will be released on 18.11.19 on all digital outlets.

The single live launch will be at Alchemy Bar in Runcorn on the 23.11.19 and will be a chance for fans to hear TEAR IT DOWN along with other new music for the first time since the completion of our new line up.

Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming music video!



You may have seen the news on our social media, but we are now complete again.

We were never in any doubt that we could find the right people, and we couldn't be more pleased with our new line-up......There was never any doubt in our minds we would be back (and we feel stronger and more united as a group, then we could have imagined).

We are currently hard at work writing new material, and organising gigs as we can't wait to show all our patient fans what we have in store...exciting times ahead


We are currently searching for a new vocalist due to line-up changes.

We are a band that intend on taking our music as far as possible....and by that we mean EVERYWHERE, to EVERYONE.

Influences include (and bands in the vein of):

Alter Bridge

Black Stone Cherry

Tesseract + many, many more.

Stylistic requirement is a Vocalist with a great, solid clean vocal style, who can also add a fair bit of grit to their vocals when required.


Ladies and gents please welcome our new rhythm guitarist

Joe O'sullivan!

We are very excited to start working on some new stuff with Joe, as he already has ideas we can work on straight away!

Thank you so much to everyone who applied and contacted us. The decision was very difficult because of all the talent we had to sift through, but Joe has come out triumphant!!


** BIG NEWS **

We have being keeping this quiet for a couple of weeks now (which has been VERY difficult) but we can finally announce we will be main support for Bullet for My Valentine on the Russian dates of their Gravity tour!

We all still can't process properly how monumental this is.

18/04/19 - A2 Academy - Russia
19/04/19 - Adrenaline Stadium - Russia

Thanks so much to Rachael at Enso Music Management for giving us this opportunity.
We haven't been with them long but they have delivered for us straight away. We are so happy and proud to be working with them.





Latest News: Ashen Reach are now being looked after by the fantastic crew at ENSO Music Management.


We're really pleased with this partnership and are looking forward to the future.


You Know You Want To..

Ashen Reach can be contacted via our social media links, or by pressing this magic button below to arrange a gig...

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