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In April 2019, we played the 2 biggest shows of our lives. The A2 Green Arena, St. Petersburg and the Adrenaline Stadium, Moscow, supporting Bullet For My Valentine.
Upon returning home, we had some big and unexpected changes. We were left as 3, Jess Stanley, Paddy Cummins, and Mike McCarroll. We were at a fork in the road. Do we call it a day and say, ‘’We had a good run?‘’ Or do we come back stronger, focused and more determined than ever, to pursue what is ultimately our dream?
Over the next few months, we posted ads all over social media for an experienced guitarist to play rhythm, and a powerful lead singer. We needed people who were like-minded to us, had a similar work ethic and the same end goal. We were fortunate enough to be approached by Joe O’Sullivan, who immediately impressed us all with not only his ability, but also his mentality and attitude. We knew he was a perfect fit and so it wasn’t long before he was aiding us in continuing our search for a lead singer. No less than a month later we were put in touch with Kyle Stanley, and the rest is history.
Within weeks of becoming 5 again, we had 2 songs written and ready to record, so we planned out means and method for getting them out to a following who were eagerly awaiting the return of the new Ashen Reach and we entered the studio. In 3 days, we left with what would be our debut single, ‘Tear It Down’, and our follow-up single, ‘Prey’. Both were extremely well received and primed an eager fan base, among other watchful eyes and ears for what will be our debut album, ‘Homecoming’, due for release on the 16th November 2020.

Our goal, above all, is to be different. To summarise what we do, we blend the attitude and power of 80’s rock and bring it right up to date with the aggression, intensity and impact of modern metal. Individually, our influences cover a broad range of styles and genres, but we all share a common goal. Extremely modern music, with all the heaviness that we love, combined with unrivalled accessibility, through prominent melodies and massive, memorable choruses.
We are Ashen Reach.
Our most recent releases, “Tear It Down” (released 18th November 2019) and “Prey” (released 1st of Feb 2020) were recorded in The Motor Museum with Loïc Gaillard. They can be found on streaming services such as; Spotify, YouTube, Google play, Deezer, iTunes and more.
Supported acts include, but aren't limited to; Bullet For My Valentine (On the 2 Russian dates of their “Gravity” tour), Fahran, Angel Nation, Bad Pollyanna, Alia Tempora, Collibus, and Chasing Dragons. Venues played include, but aren’t limited to: The A2 Arena, Adrenaline Stadium, O2 Academy 3 (Manchester), The Zanzibar Club, The Patriot and Catton Park.
Management: Enso Music Management

Meet the Band

Not in person (Unless you come to a gig obviously, then you will see us in full 4k goodness), Here we are looking all mean and moody.


Loves Slipknot and has a PhD in dank Memes


Likes Alter Bridge and moody stares


Fretboard cremator & meme supplier


Likes to cook and wear yellow hazmat suits


Likes playing video games and sleeping, sometimes at the same time

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